£23,611 has now been raised towards £30k legal fees


On 20 June 2017, the 9 year anniversary of the conviction of Michael Ross, our campaign group launched a Crowdfunding bid through an organisation called Crowdjustice. They exist to make justice accessible to all, regardless of financial status.

We closed the crowdfunding campaign in October 2017 and we have raised the fantastic sum of £18,030 in cleared donations. This outcome was far beyond what we ever expected to achieve through internet crowdfunding and this whole experience has confirmed to our campaign group that there is mounting public concern about the conviction of Michael Ross. We believe that this huge sum raised in respect of a potential miscarriage of justice is unprecedented in the UK.



With Crowdjustice fees deducted, a total of £16,611 has been paid to Michael’s appointed legal representatives, who have started working on his case.

Funds transfer information:




Prior to the closure of the Crowdfunding, a local craftsman and long-term supporter of the J4MR campaign decided to try to raise money for Michael’s legal fees using his talents. Jimmy Dearness from Orkney has meticulously created two stainless-steel sculptures which he has named ‘Justice’ and ‘Hope’. He has received anonymous donations to the J4MR campaign in exchange for these.

‘Justice’ (H:500mm, Base:530×400)


‘Hope’ (H:500mm, Base:500×330)

Because of our amazing fundraising efforts, the fund towards £30k legal fees now stands at £21,611!

With £8389 yet to raise, Jimmy would be happy to discuss further commissions of his bespoke work. This would give individuals the opportunity to own a unique and stunning piece of art, while supporting Michael in mounting a further legal challenge against his wrongful conviction.

Running this campaign is hard work and our members give our time freely because of a deeply held belief that the conviction of Michael Ross is an outrage and a tragic miscarriage of justice. We have been boosted dramatically by the support shown to Michael and his family and we can’t thank our supporters enough for showing us some light and hope on this long journey towards justice.

Our only goal is to have Michael’s case examined fairly, thoroughly and with full transparency. Ultimately, we wish to see Michael’s conviction quashed and a full Inquiry held.

If you would like more information, or would like to offer support, you can reach our campaign group by clicking HERE. We would be happy to hear from anyone interested in supporting and promoting our campaign.

With grateful thanks to you all,

Justice for Michael Ross (J4MR)